Multi-compartment ready mix mortar trucks, tailored and coloured to suit needs and requirements


Multi-compartment ready mix mortar truck bodies, tailored and coloured to suit needs and requirements

Roltech Limited manufacture multi-compartment ready mix mortar truck bodies which allows our clients to carry five 2m³ batches of mortar to site. This enables our clients the ability to carry different colours, or classes of mortar, to different building sites.

Each compartment has a number of blades which rotate around a central shaft to keep the mortar conditioned and ready to use as soon as its off-loaded on site.

Each compartment has its own independent discharge door which is pneumatically operated by the driver.

Each ready mix mortar truck has the ability to carry plastic tubs to and from site which the driver uses to off-load the mortar into.

The top of the body is open to allow the driver to fill from a standard pan-mixer sock in the plant and then the hydraulically operated sheeting system is used to completely cover the top before leaving for site.

All ready mix mortar truck bodies can be individually tailored to suit the clients needs. This could be as simple as painting to suit the clients colour scheme or re-configuring the number of compartments to suit the client’s business needs.